mardi 1 novembre 2011

MAC Royal Azalea Lipstick

Here are some pictures of me wearing MAC's Royal Azalea with the MAC Nightmoth lip pencil!


 With GOSH 01 Shine n Glaze lipgloss added on top of it !

jeudi 8 septembre 2011

The new Eva Marcille

"La Blonde Attitude "

Love those nude lips!

Maquillage très naturel, Eva reste dans les tons nus et légers! très élégant! 

Super belle avec ce rouge à lèvres orange très vif et éclatant!

Eva the Diva

MAC Girl About Town vs Rimmel In Vogue

 From left to right: MAC Girl About Town and Rimmel In Vogue
They both look a like but are not the same. I wouldn't say that In Vogue is Girl about town's dupe at all!
GAT is more purply , more of a blue undertone of fuchsia than the In Vogue, which is more red! more spicy!See pictures below! Although Girl About Town is my favourite I really really love the In Vogue worn with lipglosses like I stated earlier! they are both wonderful colours! But if you're low on a budget and can't afford MAC ,go on with the Rimmel In VOGUE  which is not the same color but is very pretty! If you want a color more approximately near to the GAT, go for the Maybelline 5th Avenue Fuchsia!
The Covergirl Spellbound is also one of GAT dupes but stains the lips so much I wouldn't suggest that.. lol
Anyways here are more pictures:

 Left: Girl About Town
Right: In Vogue

Left to Right: Rimmel London "In VOGUE" , MAC Creme Allure,MAC Totally It!,L'Oréal Le gloss in "Watermelon Crush", Love Alert, Totally Bang!, Gosh Shine n' Glaze in  n°2

Rimmel In Vogue Lipstick with deep fuchsia and Neon Pink Lip Glosses

"In Vogue" is veryyy similar to those lipsticks (Alicia's is the closest). It's basically a pinkish red or a fuchsia-red, I don't really see another way to describe it! LOL

From Left to Right: Rimmel "In Vogue",  MAC Creme Allure , MAC Totally IT + L'Oréal Colour Riche Le Gloss in color "Watermelon Crush" , MAC Love Alert Dazzleglass, MAC Totally Bang! Superglass, GOSH Glaze 'n Shine/Éclat et Brillance couleur n°2

All these colors are complementary, you can wear the Rimmel In Vogue with each of them or even both of them and have a GREAT GREAT Lip Combo! The result will be GORGEOUS, and your lips will look not just sparkly but multidensional!I LOVE THOSE LIPPIES!SOOO MUCH!!! HAVE FUN and Enjoy!!!

I just hoped that I wouldn't fall in love with so many "LIMITED EDITION Lippies" , I don't know why I MOSTLY love the LE ones!! LOL! Anyways!! I love them!

MAC Totally It! vs L'OREAL COLOUR RICHE LE GLOSS in "WAterMelon CrusH" :
They are both Neon Pink Lipglosses but the Totally it! has more Sparkle in it, and more pink in it then does the Watermelon Crush who is indeed more JUICY, and more translucide!It will make your lips more glossier than the Totally It! I like them both though, but if you want fuller lips go for the Watermelon Crush! Than again, they are both Limited editions but you can still have the l'Oreal in any drugstore until further notice and will find the Totally It! on any make up online wholesale store like the :


Ma collection de maquillage "Fuchsia" et "Neon Pink"

Ils ne sont pas tous fuchsia ou rose, mais se ressemblent assez,et sont souvent complémentaires!
Par exemple, je peux porter le rouge à lèvres "In vogue" de Rimmel (qui pourtant se rapproche plus du rouge) avec le gloss fuchsia "Creme Allure" de MAC ou encore le "Totally Bang!" et le résultat est SUBLIME!!!! C'est comme un rose ou rouge mélangé à du fuchsia!et on dirait presque que c'est fluo!ou dimensionnelle! bref mais lèvres paraissent irréelles et c'est justement l'effet que j'aime avoir avec mon maquillage!;-)
Je peux aussi porter le "In vogue" avec le Love alert de MAC qui se rapproche beaucoup plus de la couleur du IN VOGUE.... ou je peux porter le "Girl About Town" de MAC qui est fuchsia avec des gloss qui se rappochent plus de sa couleur comme le Totally Bang ou le Creme Allure, c'est vraiment des gloss complémentaires!!Et le résultat est WOW!

Voici quelques images :

de gloss Neon Pink :
MAC Totally It! ou encore Le gloss "Watermelon Crush" de la L'Oréal dans sa collection Colour Riche )

 de gloss Fuchsia : MAC Creme Allure, MAC Totally Bang! ou le gloss Éclat et Brillance couleur n°2 de GOSH Cosmetics
de rouge à lèvre Fuchsia (voir les deux dernières photos) : MAC Girl About Town ( my favorite, this far!!! :) / mon préféré jusqu'à date! lol )
de gloss rose écarlate: MAC Love Alert
de rouge à lèvres rose écarlate (on va dire rouge rosé ) : Rimmel "In VOGUE"

From Left to Right (pictures below) :
De la gauche vers la droite (images ci-dessous):
Rimmel "In Vogue",  MAC Creme Allure , MAC Totally IT + L'Oréal Colour Riche Le Gloss in color "Watermelon Crush" , MAC Love Alert Dazzleglass, MAC Totally Bang! Superglass, GOSH Glaze 'n Shine n°2

Avec Girl About town et Scan-Delicious de MAC (ci-dessous) :

 From left to right: MAC Girl About Town , Rimmel In Vogue, GOSH Shine and Glaze n°2, MAC Totally Bang!, MAC Totally it!, MAC Creme Allure, (All 3 are limited editions...) L'Oréal Colour Riche Le Gloss in "Watermelon Crush" , MAC Kissable Lipcolour in SCAN-Delicious ( Limited Edition) and MAC Love Alert ( permanent)

MAC Girl About Town and Rimmel In Vogue could be dupes but are not since the In Vogue is more red, more bright and seem to have less blue in it, the Girl About Town looks more purple pink fuchsia, but the In vogue is more of a red pink fuchsia! which one do you prefer?